Call for Experts: UIAA Mountain Protection Commission

Mountain Protection

The International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) is calling for experts with knowledge of a range of topics within sustainable mountain development, in order to support the work of the UIAA and its Mountain Protection Commission.

Please note that this article was published in collaboration with the Mountain Research Initiative (a UIAA partner). The article can also be viewed on the MRI website.

Call for Experts

Mountain protection and sustainable mountain development are collectively a core pillar and key strategic priority for the UIAA. To further support the work of the UIAA and its Mountain Protection Commission on a broad range of topics relating to sustainable development, the UIAA has partnered with the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) to help identify and invite experts who have interest, capacity and relevant expertise to support the work of the UIAA, primarily on a voluntary basis.

Possible roles or opportunities to contribute may entail (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Sharing advice and scientific evidence on topics that are relevant for the UIAA to support mountain protection.
  • Be invited to give presentations or serve as an expert speaker at events.
  • Review content or material that cites scientific facts and figures.
  • Participate as an external expert to help assess applications received for the UIAA Mountain Protection Award.
  • Further support the work of the UIAA Mountain Protection Commission by enlisting as a Full or Corresponding Member (subject to a nomination process via UIAA member federations).

Possible future opportunities may also include prospects for joint UIAA and MRI activities, such as workshops or events, to connect the scientific research community and the UIAA’s network and practitioner community and jointly collaborate to address both the challenges and oportunities in outdoor mountain recreation and tourism under global change.

Particular areas of expertise that are currently in demand include:

  • Protected area management and conservation practices in mountain areas.
  • Pollution, waste management, and/or life-cycle assessments.
  • Mountain protection and sustainable development in outdoor sports and recreation, mountaineering expeditions, and/or remote area exploration.
  • Climate change mitigation (e.g. GHG emission inventories; managing and reducing GHG emissions in travel, tourism, or outdoor recreation contexts; tracking emission reduction pledges, etc)
  • Climate change adaptation (e.g. addressing risks associated with climate change impacts in mountaineering and other outdoor sports and recreation activities; seasonal changes in outdoor recreation; options for adaptation, etc)
  • Mountain biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • (Environmental) advocacy, planning practices, participatory community engagement, natural resource management, decision-making processes, and/or policymaking (at local, national, regional, or global levels).


What Can You Expect In Return?

If you are passionate about your mountain research and enjoy the great mountain outdoors, then don’t miss the chance to be part of a pool of experts that support the UIAA in making valuable contributions towards sustainable and resilient mountain outdoor recreation and the many communities that depend on it for their livelihoods. Participating in this opportunity will allow you to showcase your knowledge and skills, gaining recognition for your expertise while also increasing the impact of your research. But the benefits don’t stop there. You’ll also have the chance to bolster your international profile, broaden your network, and make a tangible impact in the real world. This presents a unique prospect for generating new research ideas, uncovering exciting opportunities, and forming collaborations. Overall, this opportunity has the potential to be a truly valuable and rewarding experience for any researcher.


The expression of interest form is open for registrations until 30 June 2023, or until further notice. The information collected is securely curated by and filed at the MRI Coordination Office, and contact details of experts who register will be shared with the UIAA Office and its Mountain Protection Commission for further follow-up.

If you have any questions, please contact the and

Expressions of interest deadline: 30 June 2023, or until further notice.

Register your interest here.

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