Climbers Against Cancer donates US$16,000 to American cancer research organisation

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John Ellison surrounded by CAC volunteers (Photo: CAC )

Vail, USA: Climbers Against Cancer founder John Ellison announced today that his group will will be contributing $16,000 USD (£10,000) to the Cancer Research Institute, an American cancer research organisation.

The cheque will be handed over to a representative of the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) on Saturday, June 7.

This marks the fifth such donation that CAC has made since its formation in 2013 with similar donations being made in France, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

“The tight-knit climbing community is the key to our ability to raise funds”, said Ellison who was recently given a special UIAA award in recognition of his role in uniting climbers and mountaineers around the world in the fight against cancer. “On every corner of the globe we are enthusiastically met by climbers who are proud to wear their CAC colours and help in the fight against cancer.”

Ellison founded Climbers Against Cancer in January 2013 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2012. He decided to reach out to the climbing community to share his story while raising awareness and funds to aid in cancer research worldwide. His idea was simple: sell brightly coloured CAC emblazoned clothing and badges and donate the proceeds to international cancer research charities on each continent.

“The Cancer Research Institute is incredibly grateful to be the recipient of CAC’s
generous gift”, says Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs for the CRI. “Immunotherapy is one of the most promising and scientifically advanced approaches available today for treating cancer, and we are proud to continue funding cutting-edge research thanks to the support of friends like CAC.”

The cheque presentation will occur between 630pm and 730 pm on Saturday June 7; it will follow the finals of the IFSC World Cup, which start at 430 pm. For more info on the GoPro Mountain Games, visit:

For further information or to donate to Climbers Against Cancer please visit: