The following update comes from UIAA full member Mountaineering Union of Federation Bosnia – Herzegovina was was published on 6 April.

The article (below is a Google translation from the original read):

We recommend that you spend these days reading mountaineering literature, renew your first aid knowledge, rearrange mountaineering equipment and prepare for future activities. If you haven’t written a mountaineering diary so far, maybe it’s the right time to start this year.” They also ask their members to share positive stories to post them in their feed. Along with that, they recommend not to take independent trips to the mountains.

The Mountaineering Association does not recommend going to the mountain independently, although individual departures from a legal point are still allowed. If you decide to go the mountains, please keep social distance and respect the measures and recommendations made by the competent institutions. We remind you to follow the general population recommendations. Compliance with these measures will allow medical and rescue services to reach out to those who are most in need.

We invite hikers to participate, as far as possible, in volunteering activities to assist the elderly and infirm.

Send us positive stories and member initiatives to post on the Mountaineering Association website.

Let’s be an example of the behaviour in the joint fight against infectious disease COVID-19!