The following update comes courtesy of Alex Paun, President of the Romanian Alpine Club (CAR).

  • All meetings have taken place online.
  • Post lockdown, there was a month of individual activities with groups capped at three and respecting social distance guidelines.
  • CAR can now organise outdoor events with up to 20 participants.
  • Climbing gyms have started to provide services and have reopened.
  • For its outdoor activities, the federation came with some recommendations regarding climbing, hiking in groups, alpinism etc, and was also involved in a project in which it provided disinfectants for bivuacs in the mountains.
  • Some of the common questions from members concern the possibility to organise events and how many participants can they invite to the events. The CAR Board has made written recommendations in a public article regarding all these aspects. CAR has plans to organise events with 40-50 people in the mountains and needs to find solutions to hosting these meets while respecting the laws regarding Covid-19 and social distancing.
  • All huts remain closed. All climbing and mountaineering areas have reopened.