Danish Climbing Association cancels all activities until June


Please find a recent communication from UIAA Associate Member, Danish Climbing Association.

The passage below is a Google translation of part of the original article in Danish:

The closure of all sports facilities, etc. is valid until 13 April. All association activities and all federal activities during this period must of course be canceled. However, there is not much to suggest that we can start again right now. To avoid confusion and late cancellations, we have taken the consequence and are now canceling all instructor courses, traditional climbing courses, training courses, competitions and all other spring activities. Initially, the cancellations are valid through June. We closely follow the recommendations of the Danish Sports Federation , the health authorities and the government. We urge all of our clubs and individual climbers to keep up to date with the latest injunctions and recommendations and to follow them. The best place to get an overview is at coronasmitte.dk.

The international organizations that organize our sport have also made recommendations, and have reduced both competitions and meeting activity. This is true of the UIAA and IFSC , the climbing world’s own organizations, and of the International Olympic Committee, the IOC, which has taken the historic step to postpone the Olympic Games.

 The full article can be found here.