The following advice was shared by the International Slackline Association. The article also provides several interesting links.

Most of the slack community is young and healthy, but all of us will know and care about someone for whom getting COVID-19 will be a very different story.

Sure, the death rate is <1%, but this is if hospitals are functioning well, and the news are full of examples of what happens when good healthcare gets overloaded. Most cases aren’t too bad, but when so many happen at once the more serious 10% who need intensive care can’t get it and die, making the death rate go up significantly.

Slacklining itself is not the worst activity, but we pass many people as we commute, and all of us are a gateway to other people. Meeting up keeps the virus spreading faster, when the best thing we can do is slow it down to spread the impact. Since the growth rate is exponential, even small actions make a difference, especially in the next days to come.

We encourage all member federations and slackliners to continue observing strict compliance with the measures enforced by their respective national and regional authorities.

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Corona Virus – help flatten the curve