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Information below concerns the UIAA General Assembly, to be held online, on 23-24 October.

Digital Magazine & Annual Report

For delegates attending the 2020 UIAA General Assembly, a dedicated digital guide has been made available. The GA, to be held online, will take place on 23-24 October. The guide can be downloaded here.

The purpose of the Guide is to ease delegate planning and preparations by offering all key information about the event (agenda, programme, training sessions, elections, voting protocol) in one place. The Guide also provides details on the activities of the UIAA during Covid-19 and brief reports from key projects and all Commissions. More comprehensive reports will be presented during the GA itself. These overviews offer delegates the opportunity to prepare any questions or talking points.

The publication of this Guide also allows the UIAA to reduce the number of supporting documents – therefore material delegates need to download and read – for the meeting.

In addition, the UIAA Office has also posted print copies of the UIAA Annual Report – one of the core supporting documents – to all member associations.

Supporting Documents
All other supporting documents, including those related to nominated candidates, are available in the Members’ portal. Please contact the UIAA Office if you require access details or have any specific questions related to registration. Access details will be sent by email to all delegates on Thursday 22 October.

For all attending delegates to the virtual meeting  –  the UIAA strongly encourages you to participate in a training session. During training sessions voting procedures are explained and tested.

To access more information about the UIAA General Assembly please click here.