How to follow the 2023 UIAA General Assembly

General Assembly

The 2023 UIAA General Assembly (GA) will be held from 20-21 October in Trabzon, Turkey and hosted by the Turkish Mountaineering Federation (TDF).

Programme and Documents

The latest programme and agenda.

For delegates who are attending the GA, please refer to emails and communications provided by the UIAA Office.

Message from UIAA President Peter Muir

In preparation for the General Assembly, please find an interview with UIAA President Peter Muir on recent progress made by the UIAA and specific messages concerning this year’s General Assembly.

Fundraising for host federation / earthquake recovery

The host federation, the Turkish Mountaineering Federation (TDF), is working hard to plan for a first-class General Assembly. It has been a challenging year for the TDF with February’s earthquakes in Türkiye having a significant impact on the federation’s activities and resources. As a recent UIAA article explained, the TDF deployed frontline rescue support (both personnel and equipment) following the earthquakes. The UIAA has created a fundraising resource on behalf of the TDF. This has the primary objective of raising funds for the TDF to replace and upgrade rescue equipment which was either damaged or lost during the earthquake rescue operations. The climbing community can make a donation here. The UIAA has set a goal of raising 5,000 CHF to support the TDF. Any contributions UIAA member associations can make, ahead of the GA or during the weekend, will be greatly received. Donations will be granted to the TDF shortly after the GA.

“We thank the UIAA and the wider climbing and mountaineering community for their support,” adds Dr Başar,“donations will go towards purchasing new search and rescue equipment because a lot of our equipment was damaged or destroyed. Funds will also be spent on helping the TDF clubs directly impacted.”

Livestreams from the GA

For those unable to follow the GA, livestreams will be provided of the following events:

Please subscribe to the UIAA YouTube channel for alerts regarding the streams.

Delegates not attending the GA will not be able to vote or actively participate.

A full review of the GA will be published shortly after its conclusion.