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In October 2020, the second term of UIAA President Frits Vrijlandt will end. After eight years, the current President will leave office according to the UIAA Articles of Association (AoA) that permit a maximum of two terms of four years.

In November 2019 the UIAA Management Committee decided to create a temporary nomination committee (TNC) to search and propose candidates to succeed Frits Vrijlandt.

The election of a new UIAA President will take place on 24 October 2020. The electing body is the UIAA General Assembly.

For this process, the TNC developed “Guidelines” and “Procedures” for the election of a new UIAA President. The Committee would like to underline that the TNC will act in complete confidentiality. Names of potential candidates will not be published by the TNC. ONLY selected and nominated candidates will be officially announced – and ONLY with the consent of candidates.

According to the UIAA AoA, member federations are entitled to nominate candidates. The TNC will ask federations for formal nominations for recommended/proposed candidates only. However, as per AoA, federations can also nominate candidates who are not participating in this evaluation process.

For Federation Presidents:
Please distribute this letter to potential candidates and encourage them to join the process.

For Candidates:
Please do not hesitate to enter the process. Leading the “Global Mountain Network” as UIAA President is a privilege and an honour. Please send your curriculum vitae and your motivation letter to the TNC before 15 April 2020, via email to: At this stage, it is not yet necessary to ask your federation for permission or nomination. Your candidacy will be treated in strict confidentiality.

Supporting Documents
Information on UIAA Executive Board Members’ and President’s Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations Guidelines for the 2020 Election of a new UIAA President

Procedures for the 2020 Election of a new UIAA President

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