This article forms part of a series created by the UIAA – International Mountaineering & Climbing Federation – for International Mountain Day, 11 December. The original article can be found here.

For IMD, project leaders from UIAA Mountain Protection Award showcased projects have provided information on the progress of their projects, the importance of biodiversity – the theme of this year’s IMD – and the impact of Covid-19.

Let’s Protect our Edenes

Organisation: Fundacion Edenes de Colombia
Location: Colombia
MPA edition(s): 2018

The Fundación Edenes de Colombia, is a non-profit organisation, that operates in order to manage resources for the protection of rock climbing access in Colombia.

The aim of Fundacion Edenes de Colombia is to bring the outdoor community together to help promote environmental awareness, waste management and good outdoor practices.

It seeks to identify, monitor and protect wildlife in rock climbing areas in order to educate the community and raise awareness of the existing diversity in these areas. Furthermore, it supports and facilitate negotiations in order to gain access and sustainable management to rock climbing areas, through discussions and arrangements with the landowners. It seeks to further develop adventure sports and outdoor activities in a sustainable way and with respect for biodiversity.

Progress Report since 2018

Achievements since UIAA MPA nomination in 2018 include:

Community Awareness

  • Socialisation of the Protocolo de Acceso Uso y Apertura (Access, Use and Bolting Protocol) in Bogotá and Medellín
  • Fourth year of work with rural children in Suesca, Cundinamarca
  • Activation of social networks through thematic contests
  • Audiovisual work in Choachí (to be published shortly)

Management of Access, Use and Bolting

  • Start of conformation of OLA (Access Local Organization) in Choachí
  • Support a process for access to PNN Cocuy
  • Contribute to the signposting of the climbing area in Florián, Santander
  • Monetary contribution to Rescue Group in Suesca, Cundinamarca
  • Contribute to obtaining material for re-protection (not yet used)
  • Support processes in Reserva El Turpial, Suesca, Cundinamarca

Resource management

  • Activation of non-contact payments: ePayco button
  • Consolidation of support network and creation of new alliances
  • Launch of Guardianes de Edenes members, of the Fundación Edenes de Colombia

Information courtesy of Lina Novoa Claro

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The UIAA has also recently commenced a series profiling past Mountain Protection Award winners. Following recent profiles on the progress made by Mountain Wilderness France (2016) and AlpineLearning Project Weeks (2019) – the recent focus turned to 2017 winner Mount Everest Biogas Project (MEBP).


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