Manufacturer co-operation focus of Safety Commission meeting


A revision of existing standards and the introduction of new ones as well as improving co-operation with manufacturers top the agenda of the UIAA Safety Commission meeting taking place in Prague from September 23-27.

In the run-up to the meeting in the Czech capital, many manufacturers said they would support and value the UIAA Safety Label, but called for the UIAA to offer better services, including equipment testing research.

Commission members will also discuss quality control, for example, how recalls are treated, the publication of friendly end-user standards on the UIAA website and the differentiation between the UIAA and the European CEN standards.

The UIAA is convinced of the unique value of its Safety Label but recognises that it is not adequately marketed. A study by graduate students of the AISTS (International Academy of Sports Science and Technology) will be presented in Prague, focussing on ways to improve the branding of the Safety Label.

The UIAA started to test ropes in 1960 and now has standards for 19 different categories of safety equipment, including helmets, harnesses and crampons.