Measures implemented in North Macedonia


The following update is courtesy of Goran Nikoloski, Mountaineering Federation of North Macedonia.


All events suspended
All schools closed
Land borders closed
Non-essential production stopped
Non-essential shops closed
Non-essential movement-banned
Police hours (21:00 – 06:00)
Daily movement of age groups divided:

      • 06:00 – 11:00 – 67 – over 67 years old
      • 11:00 – 21:00 – 2– 66 years old
      • Northern border town Kumanovo – ban of movement during whole weekend.

  • Executive structures of FPSM (Mountaineering Federation of North Macedonia) are active and working from home.
  • On 14.03.2020, FPSM Office has sent an e-mail to all mountaineering clubs encouraging them to respect the recommendations from the Health Ministry.
  • Until further notice all events, sport, recreational, public gatherings are cancelled, and the communication between the clubs and FPSM will be held per e-mails.
  • On the front page of our website recommendations from the Agency for youth and sport, which is our main financial contributor, are published.

  • Emergency situation implemented in whole territory of North Macedonia.
  • Persons coming from high and middle risk countries must self-isolate in a period of 14 days according WHO recommendations.
  • A Health Locator Card for passengers of all flights introduced.
  • International bus transport toward high-risk countries forbidden.
  • Travel in high and middle risk countries, not recommended.
  • All of North Macedonia’s international borders are closed for entering of foreign nationals, and for exit of Macedonian nationals, except for transit cargo transport, for diplomatic personnel and persons with special permits.
  • Ministry of Health has issued an Order for obligatory self-isolation of every citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia, which is entering the our country on the international borders and is coming from high or middle risk countries according WHO List.