Mountain film festival in Georgia

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If you are in Georgia between 18 February – 3 March 2008, you have the chance to visit the Tbilisi International Mountain, Adventure and Extreme Film Festival Niamori.

Both professional and beginner film makers will present their documentary films on themes such as hiking, extreme sports, traveling and adventure. All filmmakers are invited to participate and there are no fees required for entering a film.

Prizes will be awarded in categories such as Best Climbing Film, Best Adventure Film and Best Extreme project. The festival will also feature exhibitions of alpinists’ photography and a photo competition.

In 2007, representatives from more than 10 countries took part in the festival.The main objective of the event is to encourage the development of climbing, extreme sports and adventure film making as a tool to promote healthy life-styles and cultural exchange between countries.

For more information, please visit or e-mail the festival at