Mountaineering Commission meeting highlights

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Tadao Kanzaki, president of the Japan Mountaineering Association (centre) speaks during a rescue and accident data sharing agreement involving the UIAA, Japan Mountaineering Association (“JMA”), Japan Workers’ Alpine Federation(“JWAF”), and Japan Rescue Organization LLC(“JRO”). (Photo: UIAA)

The UIAA Mountaineering Commission met recently in Osaka, Japan for its annual meeting.

Highlights of the meeting hosted by the Japan Mountaineering Federation included:

  • An agreement was signed between the Japan Mountaineering Association (JMA), the UIAA Mountaineering Commission, Japan Workers’ Alpine Federation (JWAF), and Japan Rescue Organization LLC (JRO) to share accident and rescue data as part of an ongoing project to develop a worldwide accidents database run by the UIAA.
  • Discussions to expand the UIAA Training Standards programme under the leadership of Steve Long (British Mountaineering Council) to validate national mountain training schemes and  develop innovative training schemes such as the one developed with the Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal National Mountain Guides Association for mountain trek leaders. Interest has been expressed for similar schemes from countries such as Jordan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Japan.
  • The ongoing development of a Mountaineering Commission response to the issue of overcrowding and congestion on Mount Everest, a subject that must balance issues such as congestion and associated dangers, freedom of access and the recognition that mountains are a very important source of revenue for Himalayan countries.


Delegates to Mountaineering Commission meeting in Osaka, Japan (Photo: JMA for UIAA)

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