Mountaineering competition to take place in the Pamirs

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An international mountaineering competition takes place in the Pamirs July and has attracted teams from a number of countries including Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Belorussia, France, Croatia and Iran.

The event starts on 3 July and ends on 22 July 2012 in the mountains of Zamin-Karor in Tajikistan and will involve pairs of mountaineers who will participate in competitions that take place in two stages.

The first stage or “school” is a qualifying competition. Climbers have to scale short rock routes 100-150 metres long and demonstrate climbing technique.

The second stage is the marathon during which the team climbs routes involving the most difficult grades.

The winner will be determined based on the total score earned at the “school” stage and points earned during the marathon stage.

Organizers say climbers and visitors will have comfortable camping and living conditions and there is easy accessibility to the competition grounds for spectators to view the routes on the massif from base camp.

Organizers also say they have special arrangements for participants to be transferred to base camp from Margeb. Participants will be met at the airport and are being given discounts by airlines that will include a baggage allowance of 40 kg.

The competition does not fall under the purview of International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) regulations that guide such events.

For more information please Anna Drozdova at or visit the Russian Mountaineering Federation website here.