2020-21 Nominee
– First Persian Mountain Environment Book

Mountain Protection, UIAA


As the current President of the Mountain Protection Commission of the I.R. Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation (IMSCF), Amin Moein was the lead author in writing the First Persian Mountain Environment Book. He was supported by Masoud Farahbakhsh, co-author. Since its first publication at the end of 2018, the book has been used as a resource in nationally led courses on the mountain environment in Iran, as well as official mountain courses led by the IMSCF. The book counts 270 pages and is printed on environmentally friendly paper.

Vision, goals and objectives

The growing mountaineering community in Iran needs education and awareness in the field of environment. Despite various scientific sources such as sites and Internet files, paper books remain a reliable source for audiences, with easy and unrestricted access, the only condition for which is the ability to read. This book is the first Persian published material specialised in mountain ecosystems and the ways of protecting the mountains.

Expected implementation and outcomes

The main goal of the project is to present a reliable and standardised resource for people who mind about mountain environment protection. In a first step, 1,000 copies were printed and in a second step 2,000 more copies of the book will emmerge as the country has approximately 50,000 mountaineers.

To carry out the pilot project, the highest mountain of Gilan province, Sumamous with a height of 3703 meters a.s.l, located in the south of the Caspian Sea in the Alborz Mountains was selected. The considerable height and the presence of ancient forests and Ice Age relics (Hyrcanian forests) on its slopes were the two main reasons for choosing Mount Sumamous.

Climbing, mountaineering or outdoor sport focus

The book focuses on practical as well as a wide variety of information useful for climbers, hikers and mountaineers, who are mindful about mountain protection. Through the wide connection with hundreds of national mountaineering clubs, the book could be introduced to many of their respective members.

One of the most important parts of the book refer to sustainable mountain tourism and sustainable mountaineering principles that clearly support mountain local communities. Through raising awareness about the importance of local people and their roles in nature among mountaineers, climbers and mountain guides, direct and indirect long-term benefits for local people can result.

Best practices in mountaineering and mountain-based sports for mountain protection

Serving as the main reference for the IMSCF mountain environment courses organized on an annual basis, many mountaineers benefitted from the book already. Part of the official mountain courses of the IMSCF are basic theoretical courses which are essential to be admitted to next levels of the education. The mountain environment course has been approved as one of these basic necessities, therefore the book (which is the main reference within the course) has been accepted as a main mountain protection scientific resource in Iran.

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