UIAA Strategy

A key component of the UIAA Executive Board and Management Committee’s work is implementing the Strategic Plan 2021-2024. At the 2020 General Assembly, agreement was reached on its guiding principles and structure (safety, sport, sustainability). A road map has since been defined to create an executive plan while working with UIAA Commissions to identify priority projects.

The overarching focus of the SP is the question of providing the right benefits to members and ensuring the UIAA is clear on identifying what those benefits are. This will be guided by the SP’s three key objectives:

Member Feedback

A survey was conducted ahead of the 2021 General Assembly among EB/MC members to help define priorities and eliminate any confusion on objectives.

From the survey’s findings, the areas of high consensus were:

  • The SP’s objectives are adequately defined
  • There is a need for the EB/MC provide clearer guidance to Commissions
  • Mountain safety is a core responsibility of the UIAA
  • Offering guidance on global access is a key task of the UIAA
  • The UIAA has a role in advocating on behalf of its members
  • Unit member status should be considered for competition sports

Low consensus:

  • Definition of SP values could be improved
  • The role of the UIAA in organising competition sports
  • The UIAA Strategic Plan remains an ongoing process and further updates will be continue to be communicated following future Management Committee and Executive Board meetings.


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