Racing Mt Elbrus


15-18 May 2008 the Russian Mountaineering Federation and the Red Fox company are organising the Red Fox Elbrus Race festival. The programme includes a high-speed run to the Elbrus Peak, snow-shoes race and ski-mountaineering competitions.

Those who want to take part, should download the race regulations  and register by e-mail before the 20 April 2008.

There will be three diciplines:

High-speed run to the Elbrus Peak. This is a unique event for the real sportsmen and women. The climb to the West Elbrus Peak is one of the world’s most popular runs to high summits and mountain Marathon races. The main challenge lays in the mixed race route: snow, ice and great altitude. Reaching the Elbrus peak is not for all climbers. It’s the most complex physical-testing lap of the race. Participants: climbers, mountaineers and experienced multisportspeople.

Snow-shoes run. The snowshoes are ideal gear for moving on snow. Snowshoeing is also a great way to enjoy nature. Trekking on snow-shoes is an obligatory lap of winter adventure races, which are very popular in Europe.

Ski–mountaineering. Vertical race and rally. Ski–mountaineering is a great winter sport, with official competitions organised by the UIAA- ISMF. Special “skins” are fastened under the skis to prevent them from slipping when you are going up. The Russian national team will take part in Red Fox Elbrus Race.

The prize fund for the competitions is 4000$.

The Elbrus peak is the highest peak in Europe and is situated in the Russia’s most popular mountain region. The history of Elbrus races is very rich. This 3-days race will bring all sport communities in the Caucasus together and attract the best Russian sportsmen and women, great audiences and mass media. Check out the event web site  (Russian language) for more information.