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Mountain Medicine

The 8th World Congress on Mountain & Wilderness Medicine will be held in Snowbird, Utah (USA) from 28 July – 1 August.

For the first time, the organisers will be bringing together four of the most important international bodies in the fields of rescue, wilderness, and mountain medicine in one place. The WMS (Wilderness Medical Society) and ISMM (International Society for Mountain Medicine), with support from ICAR (International Commission of Alpine Rescue) and the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation), will be gathering both in Snowbird, Utah, and online. This global hybrid conference, held concurrently in-person and online, is the must-attend event of the summer for medical professionals who live life on the wild side. The hosts are expecting more than 500 combined attendees who share a passion for the outdoors and are committed to patient safety in remote environments.

Specifically, the UIAA will present information about Women at Altitude. In 2023, members of the UIAA Medical Commission, together with external experts, played a leading role in the publication of a number of papers dedicated to women and mountaineering. These papers, the result of a number of years of dedicated research and work, have been published in the High Altitude Medicine & Biology journal. They covered topics including nutrition, menopause, HAPE, HACE and frostbite. Further details can be found here.

The topic was also the feature of episode #4 of the UIAA podcast Mountain Voices. Listen here:

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The current programme for the UIAA presentation can be viewed here.