The first UIAA Youth Commission Global Summit event of 2021 saw the annual ice climbing camp in the Hautes-Alpes, France take place from 14-20 February. The following report is produced by the team from the UIAA full member association in Slovenia, (PZS).

Ahead of the Camp, members of Slovenian team (Gregor Šegel, Bor Levičnik, Vid Vilhar, Vid Praprotnik, Eva Dana Vidmar and Katja Lobe) left Slovenia with a folder full of documents related to Covid-19 rules and restrictions which needed to be adhered to in order to ensure the safe hosting of the event.

On the first day, the team headed to Crevoux, where they had their first outing on French ice. The variety of the routes enabled the team to adapt to different difficulties (from WI5+ to WI3) and was challenging enough to keep them entertained for the whole day.

On 16 February, under the supervision of not only the great, but also humorous and always high-spirited Christoph Moulin, the team climbed ice and mixed routes in Cervieres. Every member of the team climbed the route named Cascade du Bourget (WI4). Some succeeded to climb the difficulty of M8. On the following days the team continued to climb many multi-pitch routes, the most difficult WI5 and a mix M6/7.

The best mountaineering ascents took place on the second to last day. Two participants climbed three difficult waterfalls in the valley Barre de Vautreuil. The rest of the team climbed in Les Orres with Mr Moulin.

The Slovenian team would like to thank our their French hosts for the warm welcome and hospitality. They would like to thank especially to Bibi, Christoph and Jean for sharing their wisdom, advice and experience, and for the organisation of a safe and successful UIAA Global Youth event.

Authors of the photographs: Bor Levičnik, Gregor Šegel, Eva Dana Vidmar, Christoph Moulin, Katja Lobe