Rivalries, records and retirement mark the 2013 UIAA Ice Climbing World as it arrives in Kirov, Russia for grand finale


Athletes have arrived in Kirov, Russia, for the grand finale of the 2013 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour.

Opening cermonies begin on 8 March at 1330h followed by the start of Lead qualification for women and Lead qualification for men if time perimts.

There will be live-streaming of the event with coverage ending at 2000h.

Some memorable moments from this year’s tour which began in Cheongsong, Korea in January which has been marked by rivalries,records and retirement include:

  • Russian champion Maxim Tomilov’s dismal showing in Cheongsong, Korea which has put him behind Park Hee Yong in the quest for the overall champsionship title in Men’s Lead
  • Czech climber Lucie Hrozova’s first World Cup win in Busteni, Romania
  • Austrian climber Markus Bendler’s memorable quest in Rabenstein, Italy and his decision to retire
  • Pavel Batushev (Russia) who ran a blistering 7.77 seconds climb in Busteni, Romania
  • Park Hee Yong’s jump off the top of the Lead wall in Rabenstein, Italy
  • The ongoing duels between Angelika Rainer (Italy) and Maria Tolokonina (Russia) in the Women’s Lead category and the battle royal between Maxim Tomilov and Park Hee Yong in the Men’s Lead



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