Russians win all overall championship titles in 2014 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup


Russians win race for overall titles

The 2014 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup concluded in Ufa, Russia today with new overall world champions being declared in four categories:

Women’s Lead: Maria Tolokonina (Russia)

Men’s Lead: Maxim Tomilov (Russia)
Women’s Speed: Maryam Filippova (Russia)
Men’s Speed: Nikolay Kuzovlev (Russia)
For Maria Tolokonina, this is the second year in a row that she has been declared overall Lead champion, while Maxim Tomilov has wrested back the title he lost to Park Hee Yong of Korea  in 2013. Tomilov won the title the year before in 2012 while Park won it in 2011.
The Lead winners were declared based on cumulative points from events held in Cheongsong (Korea), Busteni (Romania), Saas Fee (Switzerland), Champagny-en-Vanoise (France) and Ufa (Russia). The event in Rabenstein (Italy) was cancelled due to heavy snowfall and the danger of avalanches.
The winners of the Speed competition were determined based on competitions held in in Cheongsong (Korea), Saas Fee (Switzerland), Champagny-en-Vanoise (France) and Ufa (Russia). The Speed final in Busteni was cancelled due to warm weather, as was the Rabenstein competition.

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Final results for Men’s Speed (Ufa, Russia):
1. Ivan Spitsyn (18.08 seconds combined)
2. Alexey Vagin (19.91 seconds combined)
3. Nikolay Kuzovlev (30.44 seconds combined)
Final results for Women’s Speed (Ufa, Russia): 
1. Ekaterina Feoktistova (22.90 seconds combined)
2. Maria Tolokonina (23.90 seconds combined)
3. Maria Krasavina (25.07 seconds combined)
Men’s Bouldering Final update:

Park Hee Yong and Maxim Tomilov were tied for overall title coming into Ufa, but that’s where the tie had to end. Park struggled in the first two of his five climbs and just could not catch up to Maxim who topped all five of his climbs.

Men’s Bouldering Final Starting List:

1 Dengin Alexey RUS 106
2 Tomilov Alexey RUS 58
3 Kumejko Evgeniy RUS 117
4 Proshchenko Radomir RUS 55
5 Kuzovlev Nikolay RUS 47
6 Sypavin Valentyn UKR 83
7 Park HeeYong KOR 105
8 Tomilov Maxim RUS 112
Women’s Bouldering Final update:
Maria Tolokonina is the new Bouldering champion in Ufa, Russia (5737 points) followed by Maryam Filippova (3654 points) and Nadezhda Gallyamova (2904 points).
Tolokonina’s decisive victory in Ufa, Russia came about as a result of four tops out of the five problems she tackled. As a result she’s also the 2014 Overall Women’s Lead champion after less than stellar performances by Angelika Rainer (2311 points) and Shin Woon Seon (1420 points). Coming into Ufa, Rainer and Woon Seon were just two and 12 points behind Tolokonina respectively, making today’s results a huge disappointment for them.
Rainer later said the Ufa wall posed difficulty for traditional Lead climbers, more used to endurance versus a bouldering style with multiple challenges involving technique and precision.

Women’s Bouldering Final Starting List:

1 Badalyan Liudmila RUS 28
2 Hrozova Lucie CZE 38
3 Rainer Angelika ITA 3
4 Gallyamova Nadezhda RUS 2
5 Filippova Maryam RUS 35
6 Klingler Petra SUI 39
7 Shin WoonSeon KOR 21
8 Tolokonina Maria RUS 8
The final day of competition for the 2014 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup is here. Athletes are currently in the isolation zone until 09:45. First up are the women, followed by the men.
We will update this space throughout the day with results.
Today’s schedule:
9.00   – Isolation Zone Open for Women
9.45   – Isolation Zone Closed  for Women
10.00 – Start Women Bouldering Final
11.00 – Isolation Zone Open for Men
11.45 – Isolation Zone Closed for Men
12.00 – Start Men Bouldering Final
15.00 – Start Men & Women Speed Final
17.00 – Award Ceremony
S, Russia (Photo: Eugenia Aleksieieva for UIAA)
Opening Ceremony Photos from Ufa, RussiaUfa is the capital city of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia and the newest stop on the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup replacing the long-time previous venue Kirov. It is situated about 1,500 km east of the capital Moscow in the Belaya River valley and was home to the Cup – Final of Russia (2012) and Ice Climbing Championship of Russia (2013).