Standards update put high on Safety meeting agenda


The UIAA Safety Commission has set its agenda for a key meeting of producers and testers of climbing equipment in the United States town of Golden, Colorado.

The annual Plenary Session of the UIAA Safety Label will take place from May 27-29. UIAA Safety Label holders and certified test laboratories will discuss and review UIAA Safety Standards.

Among the subjects on the agenda are changes to the harness standard, evaluation of ropes testing and a vote of approval of UIAA Standard 129 for braking devices.

The plenary session offers participants a chance to make proposals and exchange information about the UIAA Standards and report any problems. There will also be discussions on unusual climbing accidents and the use of climbing equipment in these cases.

A draft paper will be tabled with recommendations for equipment handling, and knowing when it should be discarded. Following approval, the advice will be made available on the UIAA website.

The UIAA started to test ropes in 1960 and now has standards for 19 different categories of safety equipment. Climbing and mountaineering equipment with the UIAA Safety Label is tested to the UIAA standards and recommended by the UIAA for use by climbers and mountaineers. Learn more