Training camp for young ice climbers to be held in Kirov, Russia


The UIAA Ice Climbing Commission is holding a training camp for young competition ice climbers in Kirov, Russia.

Two tentative dates for week long camps have been set:

  • Week of 25 November 2014
  • Week of 9 December 2014

A focus on broadening youth participation in competition ice climbing has been a focus of the UIAA Ice Climbing Commission with next year’s Word Youth Ice Climbing Championships in Saas Fee, Switzerland being the third such annual event.

“The support of the youth is very important for the development of the sport,” said Urs Stoecker, president of the commission.

“The youth competitions are a perfect playfield for future champions to gain competition experience and a winner mentality. The training camp being held in Russia is part of the plan to develop the sport and have youth from more countries compete in ice climbing competitions.”

The youth championships has seen a growing number of countries participating since the first event was held in Saas Grund, Switzerland in 2013 followed by the 2014 event in Champagny-en-Vanoise, France.

Young climbers such as Janez Svoljak, Kevin Huser,  Radomir Proschenko, and Yannick Glatthard continue to make their mark on the sport with some like Svoljak competing at the same level as adults in the World Cup.

The training programme includes an opportunity to hone Lead and Speed climbing skills, and the camp will include bouldering and gym training.

For more information, please contact Pavel Shabalin:

Main image> Nikita Proshchenko, a top qualifier at the World Youth Ice Climbing Championships in Champagny-en-Vanoise, France in 2013 (Photo: Monica Dalmasso for UIAA)