Turkey hosts its first UIAA Global Youth Summit ice climbing training camp


UIAA ice climbing competition judge Carlos Teixeira teaching ice climbing in Turkey (Photo: Irasfil Ashurli for UIAA)

The spectacular frozen waterfalls that dot the cliffs near Erzurum was the venue for the first International Youth Festival of Ice Climbing held in Turkey.
More than 70 participants from more than a dozen countries attended the four-day festival 21-25 January, which was also the venue of a well-attended UIAA Global Youth Summit (GYS) ice climbing training clinic held by Carlos Teixeira, former president of the UIAA Ice Climbing commission.
Other attendees included famed Turkish climber Tunc Findik, Oscar Cadiach, Alex Gavan, Anna Torretta and Stanislav Lobzov.
“There are all kinds of possibilities for the development of ice climbing in Turkey including both regional, national and international competitions in ice climbing,” said UIAA Youth Commission President Israfil Ashurli who attended.
“The interest in ice climbing in Turkey is tremendous and we hope that the festival which was held in Erzurum will be a good start for the integration Turkey into the international ice-climbing community.”

Ashurli said the mayor of Erzurum showed great interest in the development of ice climbing during a meeting with UIAA representatives.

The Global Youth Summit is a series of UIAA youth events where young mountaineers from around the world come together to climb, promote peace and cooperation between countries and work on the protection of the environment.
If a UIAA member federation is organising a youth event such as a climbing camp or an ascent of a mountain, a trek or an environmental event in your country, they are eligible to be part of the Global Youth Summit. The UIAA encouraged members to include certain themes and aims in the event programme, such as crag development, local ethics and traditions, improving individual performance, environmental awareness and climbing for peace.The UIAA does not set restrictions for the events such as age limits or what kind of activities Federations should organise. However organizers of Youth Commission events  must follow our criteria and recommendations. The events should be open to youth from other countries, giving young people the opportunity to form friendships across borders.