UIAA Ice Climbing events in Russia scheduled to go ahead


Following a meeting held on Wednesday 27 January, the UIAA Ice Climbing Commission confirmed that the two UIAA Ice Climbing events scheduled to take place in Russia in February and March, are due to go ahead as planned.

The two events are: 

UIAA Ice Climbing World Youth Championships – Tyumen, Russia – 26-28 February 2021 – Boulder and Speed disciplines
UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup – Kirov, Russia – 5-7 March 2021 – Lead and Speed disciplines

Federations can register athletes for both of events here

Supporting Information:

Factsheet – Tyumen
Factsheet – Kirov
Travel Information – Tyumen to Moscow

Federation & Athlete Information

The UIAA will provide a travel grant of 500 Euros per federation to assist with travel and visa costs to federations who send at least one athlete to the World Youth Championships only – this grant can be claimed directly at the event itself or after the event by invoice directly from the UIAA. For those athletes in the U18 and U22 categories who wish to do both events – the organisers in Tyumen will allow athletes to train on their speed and boulder constructions for free from 1 March until it is time to travel to the Kirov event. The best way to get to Kirov is by train from either Moscow of Tyumen. There are normally 5-6 trains per day from Tyumen to Kirov and the journey takes around 22 hours.

If athletes wish to attend either or both of these events it is important that they start the visa application process as soon as possible in order for this to be processed – please complete the form in the link below by 5 February, so that the UIAA can get the visa invitations granted by the Russian Ministry of Sport. Please also make sure that you register on the UIAA event registration service at the same time – see link above.


Once the visas for each athlete has been granted and the athlete travel information has been communicated to the organisers, the organisers will communicate the names of all the athletes to the border police at the various points of entry into Russia to ensure a smooth process when entering the country.

There is currently no COVID-19 quarantine required when entering Russia, but a negative PCR test is mandatory. The events themselves will also be subject to stringent rules to make them as COVID-19 safe as possible and these rules are outlined here. 

These rules were successfully implemented at the recent UIAA Ice Climbing European Championships in France. See report here.

Athletes will be informed of any changes to the current situation in Russia.

For specific questions please contact the UIAA Ice Climbing team.

For information on UIAA Ice Climbing events click here.