UIAA launches new website and databases


Shortly before its annual General Assembly, the UIAA launched its new website and completed work on a number of associated databases.

Having last updated its website in 2016, the UIAA has completely revamped its site to offer a new visual experience, specifically a ‘digital mountain concept’. In addition to an attractive interface, a clearer site map and more video content, the new website includes:

  • All principal pages accessible in one click from the home page
  • A UIAA calendar of activities (filtered by subject)
  • A one-stop Newsroom complete with filters and optional RSS feed
  • More information on the federation, its services and key personnel
  • A revamped Members Directory directly integrated with UIAA database (including details on delegates represented within the UIAA by each member. A dedicated members’ newsfeed will be added early in 2024).
  • Improved presentation of content including for core UIAA services like medical papers and safety databases
  • A dedicated area for the UIAA’s work in the field of climate change¬†
  • Re-worked showcase of Mountain Protection Award projects
  • Clearer instructions on how to access UIAA benefits; including Become a Member, training qualifications and mountain hut exchanges
  • A UIAA library offering direct access to core publications
  • Information on all UIAA Commissions, their objectives, goals and projects
  • Guidance to how to contact the UIAA and how to follow on social media
  • The UIAA will shortly launch its database of verdicts on international climbing and mountaineering accident cases. This archive will be published on the dedicated page. It is expected to go live in January 2024.

In parallel, the UIAA has worked on building a number of new databases. Members will be able to access these databases here. Login details will be provided in due course.

These platforms will offer members the opportunity to do the following:

  • Input their annual information (such as contact details and key personnel – this information will then appear live on the UIAA website)
  • All invoicing and financial services
  • Access key documents related to UIAA meetings such as the General Assembly supporting documents/regulations/guidelines
  • Have an overview on federation Commission membership (term information) and submit nominations
  • Access UIAA training qualifications (apply, renew, etc.)