UIAA Mountain Protection Award: Submit your project for feedback

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The UIAA recently communicated a decision to review its annual Award platform which necessities running the next edition of the UIAA Mountain Protection Award in 2025.

Therefore for the year 2024, the MPA will not be run in its regular format. There will be no project showcase, no award and no prize money granted. However the UIAA MPA Assessment Team, comprised of delegates of the UIAA Mountain Protection Commission as well as external experts representing organisations such as UN Environment, GRID-Arendal and ICIMOD, will continue to support projects by offering its review process. This service will primarily focus on offering feedback for the following three categories: Project Impact (especially with regard to how the project fosters sustainability and addresses climate change issues), Financial Viability and Overall Observations. Furthermore, any projects assessed in 2024 may then be in a strong position to apply for the revamped Award in 2025.

The following individuals/organisations can apply for the MPA Assessment Team feedback:

  • An association and/or alpine club (member of the UIAA);
  • A not-for-profit/non-governmental organisation or volunteer community group;
  • A for-profit business (e.g. tour operators, expedition agencies, etc.).

Each project submitted for review should be enhancing sustainable and responsible practices in support of climbing and mountaineering and must be involved in at least one of five of the following UIAA MPA categories:

  • Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, including flora and fauna;
  • Sustainable resource consumption and management, such as energy or water;
  • Sustainable waste management and disposal;
  • Climate change adaptation and/or mitigation; and/or
  • Protection of the environment through culture, local traditions and education.

The submitted projects can either be in concept stage, ongoing or terminated, each benefitting from targeted expert advice, specific to the stage the project is in.

Full details are provided in the supporting guidelines for submitting your project for review and feedback. The form can be found here. For specific questions please contact mountainprotection@theuiaa.org

Main photo: Gear Tips, 2024 UIAA Mountain Protection Award winner. Photo supplied by Gear Tips