UIAA endorses climber safety videos

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Through its regular Q&A series answering climber questions, its certified equipment and recall databases and array of climber safety articles, the UIAA Safety Commission is committed to providing climbers with accurate and timely content to help make informed decisions.

One of the priorities for SafeCom is to make more video content available. In the past, SafeCom has endorsed safety videos produced by the German Alpine Club (DAV) and British Mountaineering Council (BMC).

Over recent years, the Austrian Alpine Club (ÖAV) has produced its own safety videos. In partnership with SafeCom, a project is underway to provide English-language subtitles to these videos. A first video dedicated to via Ferrata lanyards is now available and has been endorsed by both SafeCom and the UIAA Training Panel.

ÖAV has made a number of other safety videos available on its YouTube channel focusing primarily on belaying techniques and via Ferrata.

UIAA members wishing to share videos for international distribution through the UIAA or to discuss translation of videos not produced in English, are invited to contact safeylabel@theuiaa.org