Young climbers from the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) reach summit of Mount Ararat in Turkey


Editor’s Note: This is an Italian Alpine Club news release from Milan, Italy dated 24 July 2013

On 23 July at 6:30 a.m., an Italian flag with the CAI Youth Alpinism symbol on it fluttered on the summit of Mount Ararat (5165 m – Anatolia – Eastern Turkey).

It was the culmination of the successful ascent by the “CAI expedition to Mount Ararat” to mark the 150th anniversary of the Italian Alpine Club, an initiative which involved 12 young alpinists between 15 and 17 selected from all over Italy, along with 13 CAI instructors.

“We are very happy for this goal accomplished by our young representatives,” said CAI General President Umberto Martini. “To them, we proffer our most heartfelt congratulations, not only from me, but even from the Central Executive, from the Central Council and from all the Association. We can’t wait for their return to Italy, in order to properly celebrate this success. We hope that this positive experience will remain forever in their memories and that it will be useful in their lives.”

Photos from the expedition can be found here

After the climb, the participants returned to the high camp (4200 m) for a brief resting stop, and then they reached the base camp (3200 m).

The schedule now provides the arrival in Dogubayazit, from where the alpinists will do some cultural cities tours until July 31st , the day in which they will get back to Italy.

The expedition is a National scope event having as protagonists the youths and the educational project built by CAI Youth Alpinism for them. In this context, young people are the primary objective of the cooperation between all the CAI National committees, in the aim of promoting the mountain culture.

The initiative was born from the cooperation between CAI Central Committee for Youth Alpinism and the Central Medical Committee, the Central Scientific Committee and the Central Committee for Environmental Protection (TAM). It also gained the patronage of UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation), the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and the National Association “Comitato Primo Tricolore”.

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