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The international rock climbing community is informed that application for the 2018 UAA Rock Climbing Festival Award is now open.

The annual Award was created in 2015 and is granted to the festival which best demonstrates a commitment to safety, sustainability and the development of rock climbing as a sport. The chosen festival is selected from a shortlist of applicants and chosen by the UIAA Rock Climbing Working Group.

To date, Award winners have come from Africa (South Africa, 2015), Europe (Greece, 2016) and North America (USA, 2017). To ensure the Award is truly global, in 2018 the UIAA is accepting applications in 2018 from Central or South America and from the Asian continent in 2019. The application deadline is 1, April 2018.

The Award reaffirms the UIAA’s longstanding commitment to the growth of rock climbing and provides immeasurable benefits for festival organisers. “Recognition by the UIAA affirms for us that we are achieving our goals. We will continue to review our practices and work to keep our event inclusive, fun, and focused on educating attendees,” explained International Climbing Festival Director Elyse Guarino, Award winner earlier this year.

To be shortlisted for the Award, festivals should:

  • Be organized or approved by a national member federation of the UIAA.
  • Adhere to the values of the UIAA.
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of rock climbing in their region.
  • Recognise the sporting achievements of climbers during the festival.
  • Promote the UIAA Safety label during any workshop held.
  • Encourage the participation of prominent national climbers.

Nominated festivals must also include a sustainable action plan with, at least, one of the following projects:

Promotion of ‘Rock Climbing for All’

  • Rock climbing for youth
  • Para-rock climbing or diversity in climbing
  • Rock climbing workshops and promoting safe practice in all styles of climbing appropriate to the region or venue
  • Evidence of sustainable climbing initiatives

Preservation of the environment

  • Environmental education around rock climbing
  • Protection of the fauna and the flora
  • Environmental sustainability and good practice

Contributing to economic development

  • Creation or development of Rock Climbing community
  • Promotion of climbing tourism in a sensitive manner
  • Sustainable job creation, support for clubs or rescue organisations

Past Winners:

2017 International Climbers’ Festival (United States)
2016 Kalymnos Climbing Festival (Greece)
2015 Original Climbing Festival (South Africa)

To register please click here.

For further details on the UIAA & Rock Climbing Awards and their benefits please click here.

Main Image: Kalymnos Climbing Festival, Award winner 2016