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The UIAA Executive Board (EB) has held three meetings to date during 2019. Below is a summary of the main discussion points from each meeting.

June, 2019

  • Delivery of reports from UIAA President Frits Vrijlandt’s visit to SportAccord, and Vice President Thomas Kähr invitation to Chinese Taipei Mountaineering Association 50th anniversary and UAAA meeting
  • Proposals to update existing Commission regulations, including limiting conflict of interests. These are to be submitted to the Management Committee (MC) for discussion and approval
  • The UIAA has released major statements on Everest and Kilimanjaro. The statements have achieved significant international coverage. However, beyond simply publishing statements, the UIAA is committed to playing an active role in discussions with the Mountaineering Commission identified as taking the initiative
  • Approval of 2020 EB, MC, General Assembly (GA) and provisional calendar
  • Agendas for Cyprus GA and MC meetings defined
  • Preparation of upcoming UIAA visit to ISPO Munich tradeshow
  • Progress made in Communication – including launch of a Donate initiative, new Respect the Mountains calendar, improved, member-focused Annual Report

    May, 2019
  • Confirmation that UIAA Office availability will be reduced in July, August and December 2019 with the overall goal of eliminating overtime by the end of the year and gaining efficiency by focussing on most important activities. Reduced Office availability during this timeframe be communicated/explained to commissions, members and partners via UIAA channels. Office to prepare a plan to guarantee urgent administration, communication and MC/GA preparations
  • Finances – summary of Auditors’ Review for 2018, 2019 forecast, as well as planning process for budget 2020
  • A commitment needs to be made to ensure all impacted individuals sign the UIAA Conflict of Interests declaration
  • The inscription of mountaineering on UNESCO list of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity is still in progress
  • All Commission candidates recommended for election/confirmation to the MC
  • Amendments to Medical & Anti-Doping Commission regulations recommended for approval to MC
  • Future elections: UIAA President successor (GA 2020), possibly Vice President/EB Member (GA 2019). MC to decide on “evaluation/nomination task force” to set up profile and process for these important elections
  • 2019 budget: Forecast includes some budget reductions for EB, Office and Commission expenses, based on first quarter results
    • Projected 2019 loss, as per 25 April 2019: CHF 17’000.—
    • Efforts from all involved to improve the financial situation are needed, both on income and expenses side
  • Discussion of recent series of fatal mountaineering accidents, some of them with massive media coverage due to high profile nature of victims. UIAA believes in self-responsibility of climbers and mountaineers, training, experience, proper equipment, risk and access management. No judgements will be made in official UIAA communications.
  • Donation option on UIAA website to be introduced in June 2019

March, 2019

  • Focus on UIAA Strategy Process. Report to be recommended to MC for acknowledgement/recommendation for approval to GA. Intention in a nutshell:
    • Lean structure/organization
    • More competence to/strengthening of the EB
    • Delegation of tasks inside the EB, more professionalism and involvement
    • Delegation of tasks/responsibilities to General Secretary
    • More competence to Commissions
  • AoA amendments, list of approvals and execution plan – with minor changes – to be recommended to MC for approval/recommendation for approval to GA
  • Results 2018, including dissolution of accruals, profit and loss statement and balance sheet approved/recommended to MC/GA for approval, documents for auditors signed
  • Reflection on progress of UIAA Mountain Protection Commission
    • RtM calendar implemented
  • Feedback on 2018 UIAA General Assembly
    • Encouraging feedback so far, workshops and interactive formats in general well received by delegates
    • Intention to use GA as a networking platform, create benefits for participants
    • Coordinate with EUMA GA, shared GA platform in 2019

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