UIAA creates Covid-19 Crisis Consultation (CCC) task force


At their April 7, 2020 e-meeting, the members of the UIAA Executive team unanimously decided to create a Covid-19 Crisis Consultation (CCC) task force.


Its mission is to provide fast responses to queries and Covid-19-related issues which may arise in the coming months, especially in the expected relaxation phase of the confinement measures. Many of these questions are now still unknown to us. But the UIAA wants to have a structure in place. When approached, the UIAA should be able to provide a swift answer, mainly by promptly referring the question for consultation to a government authority, to a crisis management body, to a competent national federation or to a relevant UIAA commission.


The CCC task force is not intended to duplicate the work of the UIAA Executive Committee or to duplicate the initiatives of many national and regional mountaineering and climbing federations.


Objective: in order to permit a fast reaction, the task force consists of two groups, one group located in the European time-zone, another element in charge of prompt coordination with members located in different other time zones


European time zone:

Executive team members: Frits Vrijlandt, UIAA President – Lode Beckers, UIAA General Secretary

Large national federation representatives: Françoise Jaquet, SAC President – Josef Klenner, DAV President

Medical experts: Urs Hefti, President, UIAA Medical Commission

Other time zones:

CCC liaison member: Nils Glatthard, UIAA Director of Operations

To be approached by the CCC liaison: Peter Muir (Canada), UIAA Treasurer – Christine Pae (South Korea), UIAA Management Committee – Amit Chowbury (India), President, UIAA Safety Commission – Mahmood Hashemi (Iran), UIAA Executive Board – Buddha Basnyat (Nepal), UIAA Medical Commission


Meeting format: unless otherwise announced, all meetings to use Zoom (or other online platform) format

Meetings frequency. Initiation of action

In principle, the CCC task force does not have a fixed frequency for its meetings. It is supposed to meet and to communicate whenever an issue or a question arises.

All CCC task force members and Executive team members are entitled and expected to bring issues to the attention of the UIAA task force. The same applies to the UIAA Office and in particular to UIAA Communications Manager, Peter Bourne.


The UIAA herewith has put in place its own, lean, crisis-related structure, thus serving the interests of its members wherever and whenever applicable.

A reminder that the UIAA’s dedicated website page on Covid-19 news, statements and articles can be viewed here.