UIAA features in Volume 75 of The Himalayan Journal

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First published in 1929 with the mission ‘To encourage and assist Himalayan travel and exploration, and to extend knowledge of the Himalaya and adjoining mountain ranges through science, art, literature and sport,’ The Himalayan Journal continues to provide compelling and interesting content on an annual basis.

The recently released 75th edition of The Journal includes three articles written by three people with a close association with the UIAA.

Steve Long, President of the UIAA Training Panel, in an article ‘Training the UIAA Way’ presents the UIAA’s approach to training, its mountain leadership courses offered to member federations, and details some of the successful recent training programmes.

Tom Nakamura, Honorary Member of the UIAA, a renowned explorer, cartographer and photographer, reminisces about his travels in Eastern Tibet and debates the topic of whether there are parts of the mountain world still to discover.

George Rodway, member of the UIAA Medical Commission (and its former President), writes about the prevention and treatment of frostbite. Advice presented in the article aligns with that addressed both by the UIAA Medical Commission in its high-altitude papers and in the UIAA Alpine Summer Skills Handbook.

Volume 75 can be downloaded here.

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