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The UIAA Executive Board recently confirmed the federation’s calendar of meetings for 2022.

Highlights include:

UIAA General Assembly (GA)
The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) will host the 2022 GA in Banff, Canada on Saturday 29 October. It will be the third time that the GA has been held in Banff following meetings in 1988 and 2006. 2022 marks the 82nd UIAA General Assembly.

UIAA Management Committee (MC)
The MC is scheduled to convene four times with two confirmed online meetings to be held on Saturday 12 February and Saturday 27 August.

The Spring MC meeting, Friday 29 April, is due to take place in Skopje, North Macedonia and organised by the Mountaineering Federation of North Macedonia.

The meeting in North Macedonia will encompass a number of other events including the annual General Assemblies of both the Balkan Mountaineering Union (BMU) on Friday 29 April and of the European Union of Mountaineering Associations (EUMA), Saturday 30 April, a Commission Presidents’ meeting, 29 April, and the UIAA Safety Commission meeting (1-3 May). There will also be a number of joint events involving the UIAA, EUMA and the BMU. The current programme can be viewed here.

The Autumn MC meeting, Friday 28 October, will take place as part of the GA in Canada.

Please note the exact format of all meetings will be subject to the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour
The calendar for the 2021-22 UIAA Ice Climbing World Tour is available to view here.

The full online calendar of 2022 UIAA meetings can be viewed on the home page of the UIAA website and from the following link.