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Founded in 1932, the UIAA is the international federation for climbing and mountaineering. The UIAA represents the interests of over three million climbers and mountaineers from member federations on all six continents. The UIAA has been recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since 1995.

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UIAA @UIAAmountains Your partner is in trouble (e.g., knot stuck in his rappel device, friction hitch has jammed, etc.)—he is stuck mid… 13 hours ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains UIAA MedCom explores advantages and disadvantages of using hiking sticks in the mountains. 3 days ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains The second of our three profiled 2018 UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Award candidates hails from Brazil. The Capixaba… 5 days ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains UIAA paper on advantages and disadvantages of using hiking sticks. 6 days ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains Introducing the first of three 2018 UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Award nominees from South America. Bolivian-based e… 7 days ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains Three South American rock festivals vie for annual UIAA Rock Climbing Festival Award. 1 week ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains @JoelSelf_OI @BMC_Comps @BBCSport Thank you Joel. The UIAA Ice Climbing World Cups will be available as a livestream on YouTube & Facebook 1 week ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains @VU4SKD Thank you for your question. Would you be able send your request to who will be able to answer by email? 1 week ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains RT @MtnResearch: Which of the UN Sustainable Development Goal targets are most relevant to #OurChangingMountains? As part of an MRI collabo… 1 week ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains Alpine Club of Canada hosts mountain adventure and science educational project enabling students in classrooms acro… 1 week ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains Underlying the factors which cause a #rope to weaken. #mountainskills #mountaineering #climbing 2 weeks ago
UIAA @UIAAmountains RT @MtnResearch: Views of Russia that don't involve the World Cup for this week's #FridayFeeling mountain moment of Zen... ⚽🏔️ Take a 360°… 2 weeks ago
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