The UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation – has published its Annual Report for the year 2023.

The digital version can be downloaded here.

Anybody interested in receiving a printed copy can do so by filling in the following form. Please note that there is a limited print run and first priority will be given to UIAA member associations and delegates.

The format of the 2023 Annual Report has evolved from recent editions. Most notably a dedicated annex provides information on the UIAA financial report, membership and a directory of key personnel.

Content includes:

Executive Review: Report from UIAA President Peter Muir, calendar of main UIAA stories from 2023, review of the federation’s annual General Assembly

Special Projects: Reports on climate change, fundraising, UIAA Strategic Plan, UIAA Mountain Protection Award, Communication, International Skyrunning Federation and Accident Reporting Working Group

UIAA Commission stories: Top stories from UIAA Commissions; Anti-Doping, Legal, Medical, Mountaineering, Mountain Protection, Safety, Training, Youth as well as from the Ice Climbing World Tour

Continental Reports: Reports from all continents highlighting UIAA member association activities

An archive of UIAA Annual Reports (dating back to 2009) can be found here.

Download the 2023 Annual Report