The following article is a minor update the original communication first published on 20 February.

Following up on meetings dating back to the 2019 Annual General Assembly in Cyprus and involving the UIAA General Assembly and Management Committee, assiduous work was done by the Executive Board on collectively realigning and reformulating the UIAA’s vision, objectives and role.

Taking elements from the expertise which went into the preparation of the 2019 UIAA Strategic Plan (produced by a dedicated working group), the resulting proposal derives three objectives from the UIAA mission which are direct and more specific, all in the spirit of being available to render service.

UIAA Mission
  • To provide value-adding assistance to member federations in promoting various practices of environmentally responsible, enjoyable and safe mountaineering.
  • To defend the interests of climbing and mountaineering federations and sports practitioners through rewarding relationships with international public and sports sector authorities, local entities and private sector operators.

Strategic Priorities
  • Provide global guidance on nature and mountaineering climate risk

Preserve the mountainous nature through responsible and respectful behaviour, while providing the UIAA members with reliable international guidance on the increasing climbing and mountaineering risks caused by climate change.

  • Setting and maintaining high standards

Through its expert and dedicated UIAA Commission activities, the UIAA has led the way in a diverse range of fields. The UIAA continues to set standards for climbing and mountaineering in areas such as safety, mountain protection, training, responsible access, sustainability, climbing and sky-running sports and mountain medicine research.

  • Be a helpline to National Federations and their members

The UIAA exists to serve its members. Its task is to assist National Federations, to respond to member inquiries, to defend their interests, to advocate the cause of just and sustainable mountaineering. For this, the UIAA will find the human and financial means so as to respond quickly to requests, bearing in mind the geographic and functional diversity of our members. A present-day example of this role are the endeavours of the newly established Covid-19 Crisis Consultation Committee.

This proposed reworded formulation of objectives was discussed at the February, March and April 2020 meetings of the Executive Board, and will be presented for discussion at the Management Committee e-meeting in May 2020 and the UIAA General Assembly in 2020.


Main photo: courtesy of Tom Nakamura, UIAA Honorary Member