The UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation – remains committed to providing its members and the wider climbing community with the latest information and guidance regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the past few weeks the following updates have been made:

  • The dedicated Covid-19 Crisis Consultation (CCC) Taskforce held its second online meeting on 14 May. A report can be found here. The Taskforce focused closely on the impact of relaxation measures in different countries.
  • An online form has been created to facilitate the process for members to provide updates regarding Covid-19 and its impact on their activities. This form also provides the opportunity for members to provide information on specific subjects, such as huts and access. The UIAA will use any information provided to report on any trends and offer general guidance.
  • With the support of its Medical and Mountaineering Commissions, and adapted from guidelines produced by the German Alpine Club (DAV), the UIAA has created some general recommendations for climbing during Covid-19 and visiting mountain regions. These are intended only as guidance and must only be followed if they are fully compliant with policies and rules set by competent government and regional authorities. Please note these guidelines will be subject change.
  • The UIAA Covid-19 website page continues to provide updates from Commission on the progress of projects and activities and members on measures implemented in their own countries. This exchange of knowledge has proved invaluable. Currently, members from over 60% of the countries represented in the UIAA have participated.
  • The UIAA has launched a Covid-19 fundraising page. Currently the fundraising is open to general donations. Any money raised will be placed in a central fund for the CCC Taskforce to nominate specific causes which require the most support. Donors can also specify where they would like any donation to be sent (a specific area, cause, project or entity). In the coming weeks, the CCC will identify specific projects to support and make direct fundraising a possibility.

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